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It's All in the Hips

A big hip turn unlocks effortless power

Stop trying to restrict your hips in the backswing. A wide, powerful swing doesn't come from static hips and a long arm swing. Above are some of the most powerful swings on Tour, notice where their belt buckle is pointing? Gain effortless power and control like never before by learning to TURN your body in the backswing. Couple this with good depth and wrist conditions, and YOUR backswing will be golden.
It's All in the Hips

What Great Players Know

Key concepts that will elevate your game and lower your scores

  • Matchups

    No need for a perfect backswing. What you need is an understanding of MATCHUPS: the practical compensations you must make in the backswing to make your downswing work, and vice-versa.

  • Wrist Conditions

    In order to play good golf, you must have club face awareness and control. Using your wrists correctly in the backswing can dramatically increase your chances of having a square face at impact.

  • Swing Depth

    Under the gun, most amateur golfers are steep in transition. One of the most important backswing concepts to understand is proper swing depth and the match ups that make different depths work.