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You Gotta Know Your Miss

A predictable ball pattern breeds confidence

You can't expect to know how each shot is going to result, but you sure as heck can score better by factoring for your miss. To play good golf you must not only know your miss and why you miss it, but you must use it to your advantage. Building a predictable ball pattern will make you dangerously confident when it matters most.
You Gotta Know Your Miss

What Great Players Know

Key concepts that will elevate your game and lower your scores

  • Be Your Own Instructor

    No more guesswork. Learn how to trace the ball flight back to the interaction between the clubface and path, and how to diagnose your swing flaws based on ball flight.

  • Know Your Miss

    Optimize your scoring by knowing and 'playing your miss.’ Learn to build a predictable ball pattern that will allow you to play better, less frustrating golf.

  • Trajectory and Distance Control

    Scoring comes from being well-equipped to handle the different challenges the course throws at you. Learn how to control trajectory and spin on command.