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You Have Two Hands, Use 'Em

Don't eliminate the hands in the downswing

Yes, you want to have lag. Of course shallow is better than steep. There are countless pieces to work on in the downswing, but before going down a rabbit hole, make sure you FIRST understand clubface conditions and how mechanical changes impact the clubface.
You Have Two Hands, Use 'Em

What Great Players Know

Key concepts that will elevate your game and lower your scores

  • Clubface is King

    Ball flight can tell you so much about your golf swing, especially about the clubfaces’ relationship to path. Learning to deliver the face square to your target will enable you to PREDICT and CONTROL your ball flight.

  • Rotation and Shallowing

    It is an indisputable truth that 99% of tour-level ball strikers deliver the club at a shallower angle than their backswing. Learn how rotation and shallowing are related, as well as the countless benefits of these moves.

  • You Have Two Hands. Use Them.

    Forget any nonsense about “taking your hands out of the swing” or holding lag by keeping the wrists cocked. It’s not about eliminating the hands, it’s about learning to use them correctly, especially at impact.