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Put In The Work

Perfecting the short game is an investment

There are no shortcuts when it comes to the short game. The guys above chose to invest in their short game just as much, if not more, than their long game. Our goal here is to give you all the tools you need to develop a sick short game, the only missing ingredient is putting in the time. If your golf goal is truly lowering your scores, START HERE.
Put In The Work

What Great Players Know

Key concepts that will elevate your game and lower your scores

  • The Bounce is Your Friend

    I can't begin to count the amount of students I've seen handcuffing themselves around the green by chipping with the leading edge. Using the bounce is not as scary as it sounds and more forgiving than you think.

  • Be Strategic

    How many times did you fail to hit the green with a chip? Stop throwing away strokes by simply being strategic around the greens. Have a plan, play the averages, and watch your index drop.

  • Predicting the Outcome

    Landing Area, Spin, and Trajectory are three simple concepts that will give you a clear toolset to visualize your shots and predict your outcomes around the green.