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Eliminate The Guesswork

A good wedge game is about having a system

How you perform from 100 yards and in usually makes or breaks your golf game. The guy to my right has made a living by making his wedge game a priority. Building a wedge system you can rely on is by far one of the easiest ways to meaningfully lower your handicap and scoring ability.
Eliminate The Guesswork

What Great Players Know

Key concepts that will elevate your game and lower your scores

  • Principles of the Wedge

    From the bounce, to the grooves, learn what makes the wedge a unique and versatile tool into and around the green.

  • Building A Wedge System

    Hit 40, 50, 60, 70+ yard shots on command with the wedge on command. Eliminate the guesswork and reliance on feel by simply correlating certain distances to parts of your body.

  • Wedge Control = Score Control

    Control means reliability. A reliable wedge game means no longer dreading shots under 100 yds, but rather being excited by the opportunity to produce a good score.