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  • #1 - Creating Curves

    #1 - Creating Curves

    60 Minutes  |    |   Included In Membership

    If you're looking to hit consistent, controllable draw and fade shots, just by making some simple adjustments to your setup, look no further. In this live seminar "CREATING CURVES", Eric runs through all things SHOT SHAPING.

  • #2 - Driver

    #2 - Driver

    63 Minutes  |    |   Included In Membership

    Are you curious what setup and in-swing pieces are key to execute a high launch, low spin drive off the tee? Eric explains how you can maximize compression and distance with your DRIVER not by swinging faster, but by hitting UP and swinging from the INSIDE.

  • #3 - Wedge Zone

    #3 - Wedge Zone

    53 Minutes  |    |   Included In Membership

    In this week's seminar, Eric covers the basic setup and swing differences for wedge shots from 30-100 yards. This is a big scoring zone, so it's essential we build in a swing length system and control trajectory to tighten dispersion and improve proximity to the hole.

  • #4 - Perfecting Your Setup

    #4 - Perfecting Your Setup

    52 Minutes  |    |   Included In Membership

    We all want consistency and that starts with a great setup. It's best to put ourselves in a position where we don't have to make any compensations in the backswing or downswing. Eric takes us through the basic setup pieces and the subtle adjustments needed as you work your way through the bag.

  • #5 - The Takeaway

    #5 - The Takeaway

    53 Minutes  |    |   Included In Membership

    It's crucial to begin the golf swing in one unified motion. How exactly do your hands work relative to the rest of your body to achieve this? Eric walks us through the hows and whys as well as the key checkpoints we're looking to hit.

  • #6 - Greenside Chipping (Handling Various Lies and Situations)

    #6 - Greenside Chipping (Handling Various Lies and Situations)

    61 Minutes  |    |   Included In Membership

    This week, Eric talks about chipping from various lies and situations around the greens. First, he reviews the basic setup and in-swing technique we need for solid contact. He also discusses controlling trajectory, hitting from thick rough, buried lies, short-sided shots, bump and runs, what to do when you are just off the green and much more!

  • #7 - Putting Technique

    #7 - Putting Technique

    51 Minutes  |    |   Included In Membership

    Eric covers general putting technique with a focus on the body's motion. He runs us through a few of his favorite drills and explains how to have a consistent, body-driven putting stroke.

  • #8 - Putting Grip and Variations

    #8 - Putting Grip and Variations

    16 Minutes  |    |   Included In Membership

    In this week’s seminar, Eric talks about how to grip the putter. He covers the stock grip he would start with and shares common errors to look out for. He also discusses 9 common variations of putting grip styles you can try to help find what works best for you!

  • #9 - Green Reading

    #9 - Green Reading

    44 Minutes  |    |   Included In Membership

    There are three main skills to focus on to become a better putter. Those three skills are green reading, speed/distance control and start line control. Eric discusses 10 topics that you need to learn to get started on improving your green reading!

  • #10 - Pre-Shot Routine

    #10 - Pre-Shot Routine

    36 Minutes  |    |   Included In Membership

    A consistent pre-shot routine makes it easier to narrow your mental focus onto the most important pieces of each shot. This allows you to stay in the moment in pressure situations, transfer your range practice to the course and score your best. In today's video, we go over our recommendations to get started, the think box vs the play box, visualization, breathing, swing thoughts and more!

  • #11 - How To Change Your Swing Faster (Effective Practice Habits)

    #11 - How To Change Your Swing Faster (Effective Practice Habits)

    34 Minutes  |    |   Included In Membership

    In today’s live seminar, Eric covers the structure of mechanics practice as well as effective practice habits when making a swing change. He walks us through the reps to do and how to utilize video feedback to make the most out of your practice.

  • #12 - Flighting Your Irons

    #12 - Flighting Your Irons

    27 Minutes  |    |   Included In Membership

    Would you like to better control your irons by being able to hit both LOWER and HIGHER trajectory shots out on the course? Eric explains how to do just that in today's live seminar!

  • #13 - Driver vs. Irons

    #13 - Driver vs. Irons

    34 Minutes  |    |   Included In Membership

    In this live seminar, Dennis Sales dives deep into the differences between DRIVER and IRON swings using PGA Tour averages on GEARS Golf.

  • #14 - Early Extension - Hip Depth

    #14 - Early Extension - Hip Depth

    39 Minutes  |    |   Included In Membership

    In-depth GEARS Golf look into similar concepts of pelvis from the different Tour patterns of Lydia Ko, In Gee Chun and Tour Average. Video illustrates keys to improve hip turn and how the pelvis works to eliminate early extension.

  • #15 - Baseline Practice Concepts

    #15 - Baseline Practice Concepts

    53 Minutes  |    |   Included In Membership

    Dennis Sales shares a few concepts that should be standard practice components. Developing proper pivot by improving thrust from getting trail hip depth and keeping it longer in downswing. Arm structure to jump the fence and build the ultimate leading edge control for compression. Also included is a video explaining the steps and process to implement the baseline practice station to the gross motor skill.